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What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing is a process to promote your Mobile App in the Smartphone zone and to acquire users who are more tech savvy, who spend more time on internet, who transact more, who shop more and they are more loyal customers for your product and services and they are looking for ease while interacting with the content in your mobile app. So, if you want to acquire these type of customer then you should have a Mobile App on both Android & Apple (iOS) platforms to reach to the mass audience in Internet space.

Advantages of an Mobile App for Business

Convenient Platform

Mobile Apps are the most convenient platform for any user to easily access your brand till the time your app is killer and provide all information what a user is looking for.

Multi-Purpose Platform

Mobile Apps can fulfil all user concerns by providing a multi-purpose platform with all relevant information and support. It gives a great opportunity to connect with global customers.


Grow and further strengthen business association with business associates, vendors as well as with customers.Regular notification on product updates, new launches, offers and deals with no time.


Advertiser can analyse different aspects like how many user they acquire, how many people reached Add to Cart button, how many abandoned from checkout and why, how many transactions, what is the time spent on which page/product and many more business insights to optimise your app.

Easy to Set

Mobile apps are easy to set meetings, schedulers and reminders, communicates with your users. Earn revenues from third party promotions.

Widely Used

Ultimately, a mobile app will help you to have a presence in Smartphone world and promote your brand on a widely used platform globally.

TechIndis Mobile App Marketing Approach

TechIndis is a leading mobile app promotion agency focusing on acquiring loyal end-users. Our end goal is to reach the top in mobile marketing world, and for that, we ensure our clients have a great mobile app and a good strategy to reach to these audiences and at the same time we make sure that mobile app customers get a complete analysis regarding they going to use mobile apps before taking a dive.

We work with leading advertisers in digital space and from different categories like Fantasy games, eCommerce, Matrimony, Social Media & Entertainment, Banking, and other apps, such as those providing solutions for precise targeting like Gender, City/State/Country, GEO, Income, and other targeting. Mobile App is growing rapidly and expected to grow with two fold in coming years and this is your time to enter and make more of it. Build a killer app and generate the revenues you dream for.

What TechIndis Mobile App Marketing Does?
Mobile App Marketing for Advertisers/ Merchants

Our Mobile App Marketing promotion module is for both Advertisers/Merchants who want to promote their app and gain brand awareness to smartphone users with the help of our Mobile SDK publishers, different category of mobile app affiliates and designing some of the great result driven mobile app campaigns after understanding client requirements.

Mobile App Marketing for Publishers/ Affiliates

TechIndis have a rich pool of quality Mobile App publishers who helps different clients to advertise their product and services on their mobile apps. So, along with giving a great solution to our advertiser, we also look after our Affiliate partners who own mobile app inventories and always figure out profitable and lucrative campaigns to monetise their mobile app inventories.We suggest them best converting, high payout and quick payout campaigns, so they can earn more money in less time.

What TechIndis Mobile App Promotion Bundle Provides to Clients?

App Landing Pages

Help advertisers to create professional easy to navigate and best converting landing pages for your mobile app. Good landing pages on your website to navigate more users to give them an easy link to download mobile apps.

Creative Design

Helping clients to design unique, relevant and effective creatives for app promotions. We help design creative for native ads, interactive ad units, animated GIF’s, cinema-graphs, and vidoes for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Google.

App Promotions

Help brands to advertise their mobile app on Android & iOS platforms to grow their Mobile app installs and acquire mobile users via app with the help of Ad Campaigns.

Public Relations

Design effective Press Releases for your brand mobile app launch to gain maximum coverage.

Social Media Buzz

To give a pre & post launch buzz over Social Media channels to acquire more users.

Influencer Marketing

Identify the most active influencers in mobile space and setting up association with them to create hype in market.

TV’s, Events & Digital
ews Promotio

Identification of Occasions, Events, TV channels and negotiation over pricing to fix deal and promotion via Entertainment news channels.

Review & Ratings

We help client to increase positive reviews for their mobile app and products as well as to increase ratings of mobile app.

User Acquisitions

We build strategies to acquire most relevant users for your brand so that they can interact with your brand, transact and shop more to give more revenues.

App Store Optimizations

Optimisation of App Store to rank on top level in your industry category when an organic customer search in particular category. We help clients get improved with your mobile app ranking within the app store eco systems and increase traffic on your mobile app.

User Retention

We analyse a user app's journey and design right mix of strategies which helps an app retain it's user for a longer period of time and even take various in-app actions as well as provide giveaways and rewards to stick with app.


We help client to retarget the old users to bring them back and engage with the help of Quiz, Contests, Rewards & Incentives. Conducting Location wise Digital BTL and innovative promotional activities.

What TechIndis Can Do For Your Mobile App?

App Audit

Complete Mobile App Competitive analysis, Business analysis and insights.

Strategy & Execution

Build a strong mobile app promotion strategy and smooth execution.

Pre-Launch Buzz

Teaser campaigns, Social Media Hype

Upselling & Optimisation

Planning Contests & Giveaways, Occasional & Events based campaigns, optimisation on feedbacks & reviews.

Strategic Launch

Identification of target audience base, scope of reach, acquisition.

Post-Launch Hype

Social Media buzz, Influencer & TVC marketing.

How TechIndis Cater Mobile App Marketing?

  • We help client to build a great mobile app on both Android & Apple (iOS) platforms.
  • We do after development promotions like App Promotion strategy for a successful app campaigns.
  • We create a pre-launch app marketing strategy on both iPhone/Android platforms to create buzz in the market.
  • We strategically app campaign to grab the maximum user attention.
  • Build a post-launch campaigns via mobile, web, videos, and podcasts.
  • Build a strong Influencer network to create hype in market.
  • We work on user behaviour, feedbacks & reviews to optimise the app for maximum users revisits.
  • Figure out the events, occasions to give maximum coverage with leading celebrities.
  • Regular updates & notifications for users to create new launch buzz.
  • Drive downloads through publisher network and promotions.
  • We work to give a brand recall in front of smartphone users.
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